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There are several ways you can order the book Marking Humanity: Stories, Poems, & Essays by Holocaust Survivors.

Let’s make a difference together! Purchase bulk copies of Marking Humanity from Soul Inscriptions Press and sell them at fundraisers for your own group or organization’s initiatives. This could be a great opportunity to help spread valuable knowledge and positive messages while gaining additional support for your organization or program. Bulk discounts begin at 40% for 15 copies.
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Bookstores, libraries, and schools can order the book from these suppliers.

Other customers, visit these stores or online retailers.

If a bookstore near your home does not have the book in stock, ask a staff member to order in a copy for you. Simply provide the book title, editor’s name, and the ISBN number 978-0-9864770-0-3 (Paperback). Or ask your local library to order a copy that you can borrow.