Inspired Readers

Here is what just some of the readers of Marking Humanity have said about how the book has been helping to make a positive difference in their lives and/or communities.

Marking Humanity is insightful and at times heart wrenching! It provided me with a renewed sense of life’s values, purpose, and the importance of believing in oneself and others. Each personal story in its unique way reflected on how traumas of life are both humbling and strengthening, not only for adults but also for children. It helped me put my traumas into perspective and reinforced the need to think positively and move forward. Life is full of valuable experiences no matter how traumatic they seem at the moment.
Sue P. in Ontario, Canada

After reading Marking Humanity, you will definitely have increased your appreciation and understanding of the Holocaust. You also identify with the survivors’ lives and feelings and understand that this must not happen again. As more people read this book, the closer we will get as a society to remembering the Holocaust and act to avoid this from happening again. Moving stories, a must read. The background stories of the survivors allow the reader to also have a picture of what life  was like after the Holocaust.
Gabriel K. in Ontario, Canada

Shlomit Kriger’s outstanding achievement of gathering the achievements of Holocaust survivors is a riveting and heart-plunging collection of stories that still sparks with a spirit of hope. The product of this book is phenomenal, and for me, going beyond my working vacation experiences of seeing a concentration camp in Germany, her book educated me in a way that just seeing empty walls of the old Weimar concentration camp ever did. It tells stories, it brings these experiences to life. For anyone who may not believe or doubt that IT ever happened – it did. Yes, it did.
Donna K. in Toronto, Canada

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