Help spread the word about Marking Humanity by downloading this flyer and passing it on to those you know or posting it on your website.

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The Nazi regime in power during the Holocaust marked humanity in all kinds of negative ways, including separating people into stereotypical groups and putting number tattoos on camp prisoners’ arms in order to further dehumanize them and literally turn them into mere statistics. But in today’s era, we believe in and strive to create a world in which every individual can enjoy basic human rights. Let’s show those who chose to hate, as well as those who still do, that their words and actions no longer have a place in our reality.

If you believe in our mission to spread peace among all people, participate in the movement by copying one of the following images to your website, using it as your profile photo on a networking site, or posting it on your computer’s desktop. We can all play a role in making the world a better place!

Image created by Jim Zaccaria
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Illustration by Kristina Aizenberg
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