About SIPress

Based in Toronto, Canada, Soul Inscriptions Press recognizes the power of the arts in helping people to express themselves, become empowered, and heal. Our publications feature poems, short stories, songs, and personal essays by individuals who have discovered this gift through writing and desire to share this special part of themselves with others. These people come from diverse populations and have much to offer the world. However, they haven’t always been given a fair chance to be heard because of personal challenges they have faced along with others’ preconceived notions about where they come from, their circumstances, how they look, and/or whether they deserve an equal chance at a normal life.

In finding their voice and sharing their writings through our publications, they are able to connect with each other as well as readers, igniting sparks of inspiration, understanding, education, and healing. It is our hope that, over time, the ripples formed by their words will continue to flow outward, uniting others through movements toward positive changes in themselves and the world around them.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of our publications are donated to organizations and charities related to their subject matter.