Marking Humanity Events October 2010

Marking Humanity‘s editor, Shlomit Kriger, and some of the featured survivors from Toronto, Canada — Renate Krakauer, George Scott, Simcha Simchovitch, Helen Drazek, and Frieda Traub (joined by her daughter Debi Traub) — connected with audience members ranging from youth to the elderly at two events in October 2010: at the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center on Oct. 18 and at The House on Oct. 28 (as part of Holocaust Education Week).

The survivors moved the audience with their stories and as they read their pieces from the book. Shlomit then shared her thoughts and research in relation to what people can learn from the survivors and the Holocaust, as well as how some of the core issues that played a role during that dark period in history are relevant in people’s own communities today. She emphasized that every person helps to shape the world and everyone can work on bettering themselves and their communities.

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